What I offer

Brain-friendly Neurolanguage Coaching® sessions in Hungarian and German

I have always believed learning happens when we are happy and engaged in the process. As a Neurolanguage Coach®, my goal is to convey and emphasize this mindset in my lessons. Being a life-long learner and enthusiastic language learner, I bring my learning experiences to my lessons. I want my learners to experience a similar affection during mastering the language as it can bring them closer to efficient language learning.

The Neurolanguage Coaching® course was life-changing training for me. It provided me with amazing insights into how our brain likes learning and helped me recognize how we can enhance a learning process to make it more effective, faster, and enjoyable. Enrolling in the course has been a pivotal decision in my professional career, bringing me closer to a more successful and efficient approach to language teaching, coaching, and learning.

Teaching and coaching are two different ways of transferring the language to the learner. NLC is a new method, a new approach to teaching a language where the coach communicates in a brain-friendly way🧠. The learner discovers his/her own path in the learning process, fostering autonomy. It is composed of two different areas. One part is related to the coaching part, which means that we set specific and relevant goals (SMART goals). We use activities that the coachee likes the most, taking into consideration his/her learning style. We do not follow the traditional way of teaching, so we don't follow books, but our coachee. We also focus on the motivation and commitment of the learner as it is crucial in the effective, and enjoyable learning process. On the other hand, we involve neuroscience. We are interested in how our brain works in a simple way to find the optimized and personalized learning process for the learner. In order to individualize the process, it is essential to comprehend how our coachee thinks, functions, and reacts in different situations. Using the learner's mother tongue can stimulate connections and associations across languages. I can offer NLC sessions for German and Hungarian learners in three languages: Hungarian, German, and English. 

Do you want to explore your language goals and your motivation together and find out more about the concept of neurolanguage coaching®? Book a free call with me without any commitment. 👩🏼‍💻🙂


Why German? 

The German language has a fierce reputation, many of you may think that learning German is hard. I need to disagree here. The German language has its unique system and rules. While its pronunciation may appear challenging at first, it shows a distinct regularity that can guide you through the initial difficulties.

With nearly 200 million speakers worldwide, German is one of the most widely spoken native languages in the European Union. It also serves as a (co-)official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Belgium.

German is a more and more valuable language to learn, opening doors to various job opportunities. While English is often considered a prerequisite in today's job market, proficiency in German can enhance your interactions with business partners and colleagues.

Moreover, between Germany and many other countries, there are agreements for student exchange, offering incredible opportunities for studying abroad and broadening your horizons.

The reasons to learn German could fill an endless list.

If you would like to brush up your German language skills, to improve your speaking skill, don't hesitate to reach out and schedule a free introductory session to discuss your needs and wishes. Worauf wartest du? Kontaktiere mich! 🎉

I am Hungarian 

I am a native Hungarian speaker and I am proud of it. ☺️  Although my mother tongue is among the most challenging languages, it possesses its own unique beauty. Notably, Hungarian is one of the few languages capable of creating palindromes, such as 'Ennyi dinnye!' - 'So much melon!'. With 14 vowels (a-á, e-é, i-í, o-ó, ö-ő, u-ú, ü-ű), each with distinct pronunciation, Hungarian words can significantly change the meaning of a word based on vowel usage (e.g., 'vér' - blood, 'ver' - to hit).

If you are interested in one of the world's most challenging and beautiful languages and would like to master it with a native speaker, don't hesitate to book a free discovery session with me to discuss your specific needs. Tanuljunk együtt magyarul!

Balatongyörök, háttérben a Badacsony
Balatongyörök, háttérben a Badacsony
a magyar Riviéra: a Balaton :)
a magyar Riviéra: a Balaton :)

What I offer

  • 50 min free introduction session (short presentation of NLC, exploration of your motivation, oral assessement, goal setting, action setting, schedule setting)
  • brain-friendly grammar
  • effective methods
  • full autonomy of the learning process
  • new learning experience
  • faster and more efficient language learning
  • continuous "aha" moments 
  • the content always depends on the coachee's wishes 

Neurolanguage Coaching®

NLC represents a new method and approach to teach a language wherein the coach communicates in a brain-friendly way🧠. In this approach, the learner takes ownership in the learning process, fostering autonomy and self-directed learning. It is composed of two different areas: coaching and neurscience. In the coaching component, we set specific and relevant goals (SMART goals) and tailor activities to the learner's needs and preferences, considering their unique learning style. We break away from the traditional teaching methods, shifting our focus from textbooks to the individual learner. Furthermore, we prioritize motivation and commitment as crucial factors in ensuring the effectiveness, joy, and cost-effectiveness of the learning process.

On the other hand, we incorporate principles from the neuroscience to understand how our brain works in a simple way to find the optimised and personalised learning process for the learner. In order to individualize the process, it is essential to comprehend how our coachee thinks, functions and reacts in different situations. We do use the learner's mother tongue to stimulate connections and associations across languages. I offer NLC sessions for German and Hungarian learners available in three languages: Hungarian, German and English. 

If you would like to explore the new, highly-efficient, fast and brain-friendly approach to language learning (Hungarian or German) and experience continuous "aha" moments, please feel free to contact me to schedule a free introduction session. 🧠

Before the Neurolanguage Coaching session:

    1. Struggling with lack of motivation, strategy, and time, which leads to uncertainty about where to begin.
    2. Feeling lost without clear direction on how and when to start the learning journey.
    3. Facing challenges such as accessing engaging and effective resources for language improvement.
    4. Absence of guidance and support.
    5. Frustrated with stagnant speaking skills, unsure how to effectively enhance oral skills.

After the Neurolanguage Session:

  • Boosted motivation to language learning goals.
  • Equipped with a clear road map and strategy for mastering the language.
  • Access to a structured system for efficient learning.
  • Continuous improvement in speaking skills.
  • Full autonomy, ownership and control of the language learning process.