About me

Life is all about changes and finding balance. After many years, I am thrilled to launch my PASSION PROJECT, "Languages with Reka". 💛 Through this mission, I would like to motivate and help people find their language learning path and to become happy, effective, and autonomous learners. 

I am Reka from Budapest, currently living in the fabulous South of France. I am an enthusiastic, ambitious, certified German and Hungarian as a foreign language teacher and Certified and Accredited NeuroLanguage Coach®. Teaching and learning languages have always been my passion. I speak Hungarian, German, English, Spanish, and French.

I have always been interested in how people can fluently speak four, ten, or even twenty languages. Amazing. What is their secret? Do they have one at all? Are they just talented, do they have more free time than others, do they have more sense of language, do they... do they...? I was so looking for an answer. I started to follow polyglots, and how they learn foreign languages and improve their language skills. I have also experimented with different language learning methods. I wanted to get to know what is common in them, and how they can master a language in some years, be it English or Chinese. Why can they speak many languages fluently, whereas other people are struggling with only one for years? That's not fair, we could think.

I figured out, that their big secret is HAVING FUN at learning, and enjoying the process, so they can get tuned all the time and stay motivated. They don't work with the traditional old-school method (unless they like it), and they don't necessarily use a dictionary, notebook, or language book. They look for resources they are interested in the most. They don't focus on grammar rules, they use effective methods, systems, and resources they LOVE. :) I can't agree more with them as I have the same experience in learning languages. 

"Languages with Reka" is a PASSION and a MISSION for me. 🙋‍♀️💛 My goal is not just to teach and coach the language, but also to motivate and help people to (re)start to learn a language, and to become effective and autonomous learners. I believe that everybody can become one of them. As we are different, the same receipt doesn't work for everyone.

Through "Languages with Reka" I would like to guide you on how to build a strong language-learning habit and stick to it. Language learning is a long-term project, it requires commitment. 

After all, "we all smile in the same language". 🙃🙂

Beside language learningm, in my free time, I love running on the beach, in the mountains, climbing rocks, going camping with my golden retriever, hiking, or just hanging out in nature.🐶 I feel fortunate and I am extremely grateful for that my profession is also my passion: I love coaching languages, and helping people to find the spark and their own path in the language-learning journey. Besides, I also like reading in different languages. I believe the more personal and relevant the resource is, the more efficient the learning process is. 🙂🧠

NeuroLanguage Coaching® 

Attending the NLC course pointed out and confirmed that having fun at learning, enjoying the process or using interesting, personal and relevant resources are indeed essential to be successful in achieving our language learning goals. The training was life-changing for me. It provided me with amazing insights into how our brain likes learning and helped me with recognizing how we can enhance the learning process to make it more effective, faster and more enjoyable. Attending the course has been a great decision in my professional career, which brought me closer to a more successful and more efficient language teaching/coaching and learning. 🥰