Different languages, same smile 🙃

Languages with Reka 

German and Hungarian lessons and brain-friendly NeuroLanguage Coaching® sessions ONLINE

About me

Life is all about changes and finding the balance. After many years, I am thrilled to launch my PASSION PROJECT, Languages with Reka. 💛 Through this mission, I would like to motivate and help people to find the spark and their own path in language learning and to become a happy, effective and autonomous learner. I am convinced that everyone can become one of them. ☺️ After all, we all smile in the same language. 🙃🙂

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What I offer...

Language Teaching & Coaching

I have always believed learning happens when we are happy and engaged in the process. As a certified German and Hungarian language teacher, my aim is to transfer and emphasise this mindset in my lessons. 

At the beginning of 2022, I decided to attend the NeuroLanguage Coaching® course. It was life-changing training. It provided me with amazing insights into how our brain likes learning and helped me with recognizing how we can enhance the learning process to make it more effective, faster and enjoyable. Attending the course has been a great decision in my professional career, which brought me closer to a more successful and more efficient language teaching/coaching and learning.

Whichever method you choose (be it teaching or coaching), I'm going to strive to create the most individualized session for your needs and requirements. 🥰 Every brain is unique, every learner is different, the same receipt doesn't work for everyone. 

German lessons

If you would like to brush up your German language skills, send me a message to set up a free introduction session to discuss your needs and wishes.  

Hungarian lessons

If you are interested in one of the most challenging and beautiful languages in the world, and you would like to master it with a native speaker, book a free introduction session with me to discuss your needs. Let's take the plunge.  

NeuroLanguage Coaching® sessions

If you would like to have a new learning experience and try out a new, extremely efficient, fast and brain-friendly approach to language learning (Hungarian or German) and experience continuous "aha" moments, contact me to set up a free introduction session. 🧠